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Ferco 5.28 Multi Point Door Lock - 28mm back set.  1 Latch and 4 Rollers

  • 28mm Back set
  • 70mm PZ Centres (Spindle Centre to Lock Centre).
  • 4 Rollers & 1 Latch.
  • 16mm Faceplate.
  • Non Handed - Meaning it will fit Left Hand & Right Hand Doors easily by reversing the latch.
  • Lever / Lever Operation.

Will this replace my existing, broken or faulty Ferco door lock?

There are 2 types of Ferco lock available the Ferco 5.28 and the Ferco 6.35. The number is printed on the front of the face plate along the full length of your door.

All the older versions of Ferco systems are no longer manufactured but don't panic.The Ferco 5.28 (this lock) will replace the 028, 228, 328 and 4.28 versions. The Ferco 6.35 will replace any of the older 035, 235, 335, 435, 535 versions, and the Ferco 5.28. Please note that the old models containing top and bottom shoots are not available and do not feature on the new versions of this lock. In addition, due to this there may be some measurements which do not match up to the original locks.

Older versions may only have 2 rollers where the new ones have 4 rollers. You could leave the 2 extra rollers to run loose, but if you add an extra 2 keeps to your frame this will use the door lock as it should be and give increased security. You can purchase 2 extra roller keeps here.


Accessories To Suit

Ferco Door Handles (70mm to suit the Ferco 6.35, 5.28 and 4.28 lock)
Roller Keeps
Latch Striker
Suitable Fixing Screws

Where Do You Ship / Deliver To?  

Ferco Locks deliver to the UK Mainland, Northern Ireland & Ireland. Delivery rates are variable depending on weight and location, please use the shipping esitmator or checkout to see delivery costs.


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